10 Steps to Accepted- An Insider's Guide to Getting Into Medical School

Learn exactly what it takes to get into medical school

Mike Frazier, a former UCLA medical admissions committee member, tells you exactly what you need to do to get accepted to a top medical school.

Dear Premed Student,

My name is Mike Frazier and I'm a former UCLA medical school admissions committee member and graduate of UCLA medical school. I remember well the days when I was a premed student. It seemed like everything I was doing was geared towards one goal: getting into medical school. I was studying like crazy, volunteering all over the place, and working part time, all the while wondering if what I was doing was enough to get accepted.

Maybe you can relate. Before I spent time on the UCLA admissions committee, I had a pretty good idea of what it took to get into medical school. After my time on the admissions committee, I can tell you that I now understand exactly what it takes to get accepted to a top medical school likeUCLA.

Here is a run-down of the exclusive, insider information that you will find in this eBook.

-The exact categories that medical schools look at and how to beat your competitors in those categories
-Which categories are most important. Is MCAT everything? Find out here!
-The three keys to your activities. Everybody volunteers. What do you need to do to make your experiences stand out?
-How to describe your activities on AMCAS. What you do is very important, but how you describe it may be even more important
-The Rule of 4's that will help you know where to apply to medical school and that will save you time and money
-How to beat the computer. Learn how to get your application reviewed by a real person, even if your MCAT and/or GPA are low
-The admissions process from start to finish so you know exactly what happens to your application
-Why letters of recommendation matter more than you think and what you can do to make them great
-The purpose of the personal statement, how to write one that will help your application, and how much it really matters
-MCAT Tips to make your score the best it can be
-The medical school requirements and my picks to put you head and shoulders above the rest once you get to medical school
-How to choose where to apply and how to pick a school when you get multiple offers
-How to ace the medical school interview, including tips on the MMI (multiple mini interview)
-How to ask for an interview if you don't get offered one
-Financial aid tips including little known ways to get paid to go to medical school!

Read these reviews from fellow premed and medical students:

This book is the sole thing that kept my head on straight while I was trying to get into medical school. So many times I was not sure where to start or what the next step was. This book clearly lays out things that you must do to make yourself a stronger applicant. I was amazed at how detailed it was with each aspect of the application/interview/acceptance process. My very favorite part was its discussion about the interview. This saved my neck during my interviews! I was completely in the dark about this process and this book sets it up so logically that it took away all my nerves going into the interview day. Beginning to end, this book is packed with helpful and very useful materials that will get you accepted to medical school. The very best part about this book is it’s written by someone who is on the inside. The author was ON an ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE. This is a perspective that you seriously can’t get anywhere else. This is a MUST get!!

-Blake Hansen, premed student, accepted at Midwestern Medical School

I highly recommend "Ten Steps to Accepted" for anyone considering medical school. It is easy to read and full of helpful and practical advice for the medical school applicant at any stage in the process. I wish I had something like it when I was applying! Follow Dr. Frazier's "Steps" and you should have no problem getting into the school of your choice.

-Daniel Lattin, UCLA medical school, AOA Honor Society

"10 Steps to Accepted" gives concise and pragmatic steps to succeed in passing the most rigorous requirements of eligibility out there. Written from an insider's perspective it candidly explains what is most important to getting in. For anyone considering medical school this is a must to get as early as possible.

-Zac Heaton, premed student

I would've loved to have a resource this comprehensive, organized, and concise when I was applying to medical school. I used a lot of different resources throughout the application process but this makes it so easy to find everything you need to know in one place and it even has the links provided for the MSAR, etc. Also, I really didn't know what happened with my application and how it was scored/ranked when I applied and that would have been helpful to know.

This is a really great resource and it is all encompassing. I will most definitely recommend it to anyone I meet who is premed.

-Gillian Kulikowski, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Medical Student Mentor

I would describe this book as an EXCELLENT and COMPREHENSIVE resource for students applying to medical school. When I was going through the medical school application process, the one thing I wished I could have was an accurate, comprehensive and timely resource like this.

After years of asking several different people for their informed (and sometimes uninformed) opinions, I still found myself asking how best to make myself a competitive applicant. This book does an amazing job at addressing this and the many other common questions that students face during their premed years. Further it tackles these questions and concerns in a way that is simple to understand and act upon. Finally, this book will raise your awareness on questions most premed students do not even consider as a result of being overwhelmed with varying opinions from persons that do not have an understanding of the application process.

I also find this book summarizes exceptionally well the often daunting subject of the cost of paying for medical school. As a mentor of several applicants, I have come to find that more than occasionally, misinformation on the availability of resources for paying for medical school can sometimes serve as a deterrent to otherwise great candidates. This book goes into well-described and summarized detail on resources available to applicants, even ones that are often overlooked.

Overall, armed with the perspective of a former applicant, and now a mentor to several successful applicants, I would rate this book as the best resource I have seen for undergraduate students looking for a comprehensive guide to applying to medical school. It will help you decide if medicine is for you, inform you on how best to prepare for a career in medicine, and frankly, leave you with tips that are very applicable to your application process, all this without overwhelming you with too much information.

-Current medical student and premed mentor

“10 Steps to Accepted” is a must-have for any student who is considering medicine. Mike Frazier’s experience gives the premed student the rare opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of an admissions committee and see the factors that the top medical schools use to select applicants. His straightforward, no-nonsense steps will take you well beyond the many rumors found on message boards online so that you can spend less time wondering what you should do and more time improving your resume. This book breaks down every section of the application process – from undergraduate classes to the AMCAS to interviews – to tell you how to rise above the competition. It is clear that this book will quickly become the must-have resource for premed students.

-Dave McClaskey, UCLA medical school, Guest speaker on medical school admissions at San Diego State University

Put a former UCLA admissions committee member on your side!

During my time spent on the UCLA Admissions Committee, I learned exactly what it takes to get into a top medical school. You'll get the insider information that will put you ahead of the rest when it comes to applying to medical school.

Along with the above benefits, you'll also get...

-The Killer Applicant Checklist that breaks down what you should be doing year by year to make yourself a top notch applicant.
-How to choose a major and how much it matters
-Examples of strong and weak activities in each of the areas admissions committees look at
-Examples from real applications so you can learn what works and what doesn't
-What to do if your state doesn't have a medical school
-How to know if you're competitive for certain schools
-When to contact the school about your status
-And Much More!

All this for for just $7!

Why so cheap? Like I said, I've been in your shoes. Like most premeds, I didn't have much money. I think at this price the book will be affordable on any budget.

However, the price may be going up soon, so take advantage of this offer now while it lasts!

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with this product, you may ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

As far as I can tell, this is the only book of its kind written by a former medical school admissions committee member. There are other books on admissions out there, but none written by someone with this experience.

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Thank you and I'll see you soon as a fellow doctor!

Mike Frazier

Former UCLA Admissions Committee Member

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